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As a public full-time high vocational college and a key model school in Hebei province, Hebei Women’s Vocational College(HWVC) is the only college specializing for female talents in Hebei province and is one of the five independent women’s colleges in China. The college has been given the name of Provincial Civilized Unit by the provincial government and the provincial workers’ committee for six years in succession. HWVC has achieved the honorary title of March 8 Red-Banner Groups in 2013. 16 national and provincial leaders has inspected the college, such as Zhen Yan, Long Zhuangwei and Peng Peiyun, who was the former Vice-chairman of the National People's Congress and Honorary President of the All-China Women's Federation.

HWVC is located in the southwest of Shijiazhuang. Now the full-time students has amounted to over 5000. Among the 32 majors we provide, preschool education, nursing and accounting are in leading position among the similar colleges in Hebei.Nursing department has central financial support for improving professional service industry’s development capability. National level training base: fashion design, preschool education. HWVC has made use of the combined strength of social resources and enterprises and successfully established over 200 training classrooms in campus, and over 300 training bases out of school, and reached a cooperation intention with more than 160 corporations.

HWVC aims to cultivate high quality professional skilled talents, and has developed partnership with over 160 corporations like Hebei Education Examination Authority, 12 provincial kindergartens in Hebei province, Weilai Qiangzhe kindergartens, Air China, Hainan Airlines, Hebei Bank, Bethune International Peace Hospital, second hospital of Hebei Medical University etc.

HWVC is now the training base of Song Qingling foundation for the advancement of early education in China, the lead unit of vocational education group of preschool education in Hebei province, the core member unit of vocational education of fashion, the accounting competition base of Hebei province.

Besides professional education, the college also pays attention to open education. Teaching, scientific research and professional training are combined together. HWVC offers specialized courses of fostering female talents to all students at school, holds female education forums, and provides job preparation workshops for women cadre and programs on promoting the status of women. Gradually, HWVC has developed into the new model of running a school that the vocational education for women, female specialization education, and short-term vocational training are integrated into a whole. In the aspect of major setup and curriculum setting, the college manages to explore the features of females and take full advantages of them so as to enable the students to adapt to the social requirements to female talents. And by this way, Hebei Women’s Vocational College will develop into one of the first-class vocational colleges in China.


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